Assembly Manuals

Ball Washers

Premier Ball Washer (PDF)

Medalist Ball Washer (PDF)

Classic Ball Washer 2017 (PDF)

Century Ball Washer 2017 (PDF)

Brita Water Filters

Brita Jug Cooler Filtration System (PDF)

Bunker Rakes

Chief Bunker Rake (PDF)

Tour Smooth and Duo Rake (PDF)

Tour Smooth II 2017 (PDF)

Tour Pro 2017 (PDF)

Cart ID Flags

Cart ID Flags Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Club Scrubbers

Range Mate Club Washer (PDF)

Divot Mix Storage

Seed and Soil Bottle Rack (PDF)

Cart Seed and Soil Caddie (PDF)

Hazard Markers

All-Flex Markers (PDF)

Force Flex Ground Anchor (PDF)

Hole Cutters & Shells

HoleMaster 2005 (PDF)

HoleMaster (PDF)

Magnum Hole Cutter (PDF)

Pro II Hole Cutter (PDF)

8″ Pro II Hole Cutter (PDF)

TurfMaster (PDF)

Maintenance & Turf Tools

Hand Aerifier (PDF)

Greenskeeper (PDF)

Drag Brush Extension (PDF)

Drag Brush (PDF)

Bunker Debris Sieve (PDF)

Turf Doctor (PDF)

Tuffork (PDF)

Magnum Lute (PDF)

Magnum Landscape (Sifting Tooth)

Magnum Monster Broom (PDF)

Magnum Roller Squeegee (PDF)

Rake (PDF)

Magnum Spiked Roller (PDF)

Magnum Straight Edge Squeegee (PDF)

Magnum General Purpose Broom (PDF)

Magnum Double Duty Rake (PDF)

Levelawn (PDF)

Irrigation Head Trimmer (PDF)

Head Trimmer (PDF)

Magnum Maintenance Rake (PDF)

Range Equipment & Accessories

Harvester Ball Picker w/ Tire (PDF)

Range Ball Pusher (PDF)

Scrub-Pro Ball Washer 115v (PDF)

Scrub-Pro Ball Washer 230v (PDF)

Short Game Target System (PDF)

Vertical Range Flag (PDF)

Scrub-Pro 230v Vibrator Motor (PDF)

Magnum Ball Dispenser (PDF)

Harvester Jr. Ball Picker (PDF)

Harvester Ball Picker (PDF)


Short Game Target System (PDF)

Vertical Mount Bracket (PDF)

Spike Cleaners

Scrusher (PDF)

Console Spike Kleener (PDF)

Spike Kleener (PDF)

Trash Containers

Vertical Mount Bracket (PDF)

Yardage Markers

Centennial Series Yardage Marker Installation Instructions (PDF)