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Topdressing tools for the cherry on top

BY Standard Golf on July 30, 2019

Those of us in the golf industry know how important it is to have healthy greens. The players know this as it helps them putt, and maybe have a better score. But those on the maintenance side know it is much more…

Hybrid Cup – reinventing the cup

BY Standard Golf on July 16, 2019

Build a car that runs without gas, they said. Genetically alter the corn for more yield, they said. Combine the best of a plastic cup and aluminum cup they asked – and we did!

Standard Golf’s Hybrid Cup has…

Drinkable water and all the options to serve

BY Standard Golf on July 9, 2019

We’ve been talking a lot about water in the golf industry this year, mostly bad. Just recently Tom Connolly at TPC Potomac shared this video on Twitter. 7 inches of rain in less than 2 hours! Insane! We wish him and his…

Standard Golf, more than just on-course accessories

BY Standard Golf on June 25, 2019

When one thinks of Standard Golf Company’s products the first that come to mind unsurprisingly would be: cups, flagsticks, bunker rakes, flags and tee markers. Along with ball washers and signage these are many of Standard Golf’s core products. But Standard Golf…

I’m only happy when it rains

BY Standard Golf on May 14, 2019

Back in the mid 1990s another rock band came out of a college town, this time it was Madison, WI and the band was “Garbage.” No, not their music, though according to their Wikipedia page an early listener of…

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