Clearance Items

Standard Golf Clearance Items

Periodically we will be adding items to this clearance page. So please check back or check our social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) for new clearance items. When placed on clearance all sales are final and product is offered in an “as is” condition. Additionally when clearance items are purchased our warranty does not apply. Typically these items are one or two of a set, have newer improved versions available, or just simply we wanted to put on sale.

Flag Blow Out Sale

We have some extra flags that we are looking to move at 50% discount from list price! All flags are double-stitched and will be sold in their “as-is” condition. None of these flags have been used previously. Sets cannot be broken apart. Inventory is based as of November 21, 2017. Sale is while supplies last. To place an order indicate part number and quantity and email to:

Product # Description Quantity Price**
Q22130 Orange & Black Grommets, Numbered 10 – 18 14 Sets $35.00 USD
Q22140 White & Blue Grommets, Numbered 10 – 18 3 Sets $35.00 USD
Q22160 White & Green Grommets, Numbered 10 – 18 4 Sets $35.00 USD
Q22920T Medium Blue & Black Tube Lock, Numbered 10 – 18 3 Sets $35.00 USD
Q22740T White & Maroon 2-tone Tube Lock 4 Sets $35.00 USD
Q22810T White & Dartmouth Green 2-tone Tube Lock 18 Sets $35.00 USD
Q22812T White & Dartmouth Green 2-tone Tube Lock 3 Flags $5.00 USD
Q22820T Spanish Yellow & Black 2-tone Tube Lock 13 Sets $35.00 USD
Q22822T Spanish Yellow & Black 2-tone Tube Lock 3 Flags $5.00USD
Q23212T Dark Blue Polyester Tube Lock 3 Flags $5.00USD
Q23210 Dark Blue Polyester Grommet 11 Sets $35.00 USD
Q22370 Brown Grommet 11 Sets $28.00 USD
Q22372 Brown Grommet 4 Flags $4.00 USD
Q22440 Beige Grommet 3 Sets $28.00 USD
Q22442 Beige Grommet 7 Flags $4.00 USD
Q22300 Nylon Semaphore Red & White Grommet 6 Sets $35.00 USD
Q22400 Nylon Semaphore Black & White Grommet 4 Sets $35.00 USD
Q22450 Nylon Semaphore Blue & White Grommet  6 Sets $35.00 USD
 Q22470 Nylon Semaphore Green & White Grommet 3 Sets $35.00 USD
 Q22480  Nylon Semaphore Black & Yellow Grommet 4 Sets $35.00 USD
**Prices are per set or per flag; No additional discounts