Standard Golf Company Introduces New Products for 2017

BY Standard Golf on June 5, 2017

Standard Golf Company, the world’s oldest continually-operated manufacturer and marketer of golf course accessories, is proud to announce eight exciting new products coming to market in 2017. After carefully listening to its customers and their needs, Standard Golf is delivering the additional options they’ve requested. These products give golfers...

Even Bushwood has modern tee signs

BY Standard Golf on May 30, 2017

Any golfer that steps up to a tee needs a few key things: a good swing, the right equipment and accurate information. To choose the right club, take the right swing and play the game the golfer needs information detailing the specifics of each particular hole. TurfStone™ Tee Signs...

ST2000 Cups & Smart-Fit Ferrule System from Standard Golf Help Prevent Leaning Flags

BY Standard Golf on May 22, 2017

A golf course is an idyllic setting, from the view down the fairway to the last putt on a perfectly manicured green. But a flagstick that leans to one side totally ruins the scene. The primary reason for this tilting is wear on the cup and flagstick caused by...

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