Putt-Saver Tournament Flagstick

Learn about Standard Golf’s Putt-Saver Tournament Flagstick, and yes it Meets the Requirements of the Rules of Golf! Below, find blog posts and videos explaining the how the new rules of golf have changed the game and how the Putt-Saver was specifically engineered to allow more room for the ball to fall into the cup after colliding with the flagstick. You can also check out our one page downloadable sales sheet here.


If you’re interesting in ordering the Putt-Saver, click here. Flagsticks will start shipping based on orders received on a first come first serve basis and expect to begin shipping June 1, 2019.

Blog Posts


The New Putt-Saver Tournament Flagstick out in the “wild”. Listen how one Club Pro is excited about using his flagstick out on the course!

Watch the Putt-Saver in action!

Learn more about the two-piece Putt-Saver flagstick assembly.

Find out how the Coefficient of Restitution and Putt Saver Tournament Flagstick go hand in hand.