Take Your Course to the Next Level with GreenActivator

With the major golf course industry trade shows drawing near, and spring just around the corner, it’s a time for golf course superintendents to prepare for the return of golfers to their courses in large numbers. While superintendents strive to maintain great-looking courses, and a great playing experience for golfers, that has become more challenging than ever, due to drought and other unpredictable weather conditions, demand to use less water, and labor challenges.

Superintendents now more than ever, are being asked to do more with less.

GreenActivator is your solution to grow the best turf from the roots to the surface, and give golfers not only a great-looking, green course, but an exceptional playing experience.

GreenActivator will take your course to the next level.

GreenActivator is a naturally sourced product, that combines humic and fulvic acid, along with a proprietary blend of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.)

At the root of GreenActivator’s success is its impact on improving the overall root system of the turf. Superintendents who have used GreenActivator have seen great results. While superintendents who have used GreenActivator have seen great results, GreenActivator’s impact on improving the overall health of turf is backed up by scientific research and studies as well.

A study from Dr. Adam Thoms shows that use of GreenActivator provides your turf with longer and stronger roots.

28 Days after treatment harvest:

Treatment Harvest Longest shoot length (cm) Above ground Biomass (g) Root Biomass (g) Root volume (cm3) Root Length cm
Control 28 2 0.026 0.019 0.194 359.2
GreenActivator 2 oz/1000 sq. ft. 28 5.5 0.043 0.039 0.454 347.42
GreenActivator 4 oz/1000 sq. ft. 28 5 0.033 0.027 0.325 366.57
Liquid 8-27-5 Fertilizer 28 8 0.051 0.034 0.445 342.87
Urea 28 4 0.072 0.045 0.513 353.6
Humic 2 oz/1000 sq. ft. 28 2.5 0.014 0.021 0.301 260
Humic 4 oz/1000 sq. ft. 28 2.5 0.031 0.02 0.35 230.56

Data in above table from research by Turfgrass Specialist Dr. Adam Thoms.

Longer, stronger roots provide your turf with increased water and nutrient uptake, giving your turf better drought tolerance. Increased water and nutrient uptake in the turf leads to more water being available in the plant’s cell, which gives turf better drought tolerance. Since the turf uses the water and nutrients more efficiently, less are needed. GreenActivator also increases the microbial activity in the soil, improving the overall health of the soil. Research from Thoms, and Dr. AJ Lindsey, showed that use of GreenActivator allowed them to reduce the amount of synthetic nitrogen used by 25%.

Additionally, a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) lab tested GreenActivator. In the USDA testing, compared to a control group, grass treated with GreenActivator had 800% bigger root growth and 1,100% bigger root length.

The data from the scientific studies tells the story: GreenActivator is the clear choice to grow strong turf with the best roots, as compared to other fertilizers on the market.

While GreenActivator has performed well in scientific studies, it has also performed well in a test that matters greatly to us at Standard Golf: the test of Golf Course Superintendents. Countless Superintendents we work with are seeing healthier, more resilient turf thanks to GreenActivator. You can hear comments from a few Iowa superintendents about the results they have seen with GreenActivator at the link below:


GreenActivator isn’t an instant gratification solution for healthier, stronger turf. It typically takes two to three applications in order for you to see results above ground.

GreenActivator also provides benefits to golf course superintendents when it comes to labor. It can be tank-mixed with other fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides, saving time in application of inputs. Using GreenActivator allows the turf to stand up taller, helping the grass be easier to mow, saving golf course staff time and money when mowing, while reducing the frequency with which mowing is needed. GreenActivator’s formulation, allows the product to be applied at a lower rate, with less applications needed, (1.1 ounces covers 1,000 square feet,) as compared to other traditional fertilizers on the market (Between 3 and 12 ounces needed to cover 1,000 square feet.) With less of GreenActivator needed for every 1,000 square feet of ground as compared to traditional fertilizers, this allows your materials to stretch further, saving you money. Using GreenActivator also allows superintendents to use less synthetic fertilizers and fungicides.

In a time when we are hearing too often about supply chain challenges, that is not an issue regarding GreenActivator. The product is manufactured in Conrad, Iowa, about 40 miles from Standard Golf Company in Cedar Falls, Iowa. What that means for our customers is a quick turnaround to receive more stock into our warehouse when necessary, along with the great customer service and timely shipping of in stock items that you’ve come to expect from us. When you choose GreenActivator, you are choosing an American-made, American-manufactured product.

Every golf course superintendent wants the strongest, healthiest, most resilient turf. GreenActivator is the clear choice to help superintendents accomplish these goals. GreenActivator doesn’t just give your turf longer roots with stronger root mass, as outlined earlier, but the stronger, longer roots below ground also leads to stronger turf mass at the surface as well. Stronger root mass below ground, and stronger turf mass at the surface allows the grass to stand up taller, leading to better playability for golfers. In this time of stronger environmental consciousness, GreenActivator is safe for not only the golf course personnel applying the product, but for animals and wildlife as well. GreenActivator absorbs into the grass in less than 15 minutes, which prevents run-off, and allows the turf to get maximum benefit from each application.

If you want to grow the best turf and to take your golf course to the next level, you need GreenActivator.

To learn more about GreenActivator, visit https://learn.standardgolf.com/greenactivator . To order GreenActivator, you can order online at www.standardgolf.com/shop or call us at 800-553-1707.