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The Bunker Rake That Leads by Example

The newest bunker rake from Standard Golf is the first of its kind. The Chief is a two-in-one bunker rake. One smooth side for rolling the vertical face of the bunker and a second side with ridges to scrape the bottom of the trap for a consistent lie. The result is a more consistent finish than traditional bunker rakes that leave deep plow marks in the playing surface. This means fewer plugs in the bunker, which equates to quicker play.

The Chief is available now and ships in boxes of 6 or 12 rakes.

Get Ahead: Join the Top Courses Moving to Aussie Style of Play

More than one-third of the golf courses in the United States have adopted the Aussie Style – including Quail Hollow, the site of the 2017 PGA Championship. This innovation, designed by Standard Golf in collaboration with Oakmont Country Club – namely course superintendent David Delsandro and head professional Devin Gee – will help you move your course ahead of your competitors.

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Why Aussie Style? A Smoother Surface Improves Bunker Play.

Golf course superintendents are increasingly adopting the “Aussie Style” of play in sand traps. The goal is to cultivate smooth, tight sand on the vertical areas of the bunker. This ensures balls that land here will roll back down to the bottom of the trap, where the sand is not very deep and will be “scrapped” for a consistent lie. Ultimately, this greatly reduces the chance of balls plugging upon landing in the sand.

The Origins of The Chief Bunker Rake

In spring of 2017, Standard Golf was approached by David Delsandro, the golf course superintendent at Oakmont Country Clubto help design this new style of sand trap rake (bunker rake). Approximately one-third of golf courses in the United States have adopted the Aussie Style — including Quail Hollow, the site of the 2017 PGA Championship — and have done so without bunker rakes specially designed for this style of play. Enter The Chief.

Matt Pauli, Marketing Director at Standard Golf, said collaborating with customers like Delsandro and Gee on new products is what makes the golf course industry so special.

“When they first brought the product proposal to us, we knew right away that it was a project we wanted to work with them on,” Pauli said. “A few 3D-printer prototypes later, we had a new, first-of-its-kind bunker rake that will transform the way courses and players view the bunker.”

Of course, even Pauli knows The Chief can’t solve all bunker problems.

“While The Chief is designed to improve bunker play for your golfers, we’d still advise them to keep aiming for fairways and greens,” Pauli said.

As they’d say Down Under: Cheers mate!



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