Golf Flags

Standard Golf is the premier manufacturer for all of your golf course flag needs. We offer an assortment of plain golf flags all the way to the most elaborate custom golf flags and even flags for your main flagpole (check out our Club Flag for more details). Our golf flags are either 200 denier or 400 denier in weight (it takes less wind to move a lighter flag) and can be made in a SolarMax nylon, heavy weave polyester or venti-knit. Plain flags, numbered flags, two-tone, full border and checkered flags (open center or full) are all available. Most of our golf flags come with a plastic “tube” to slide over the flagstick though many flags can be made with grommets as well.

SolarMax Nylon

It receives its name SolarMax for its ability to hold strong against ultraviolet sun rays. This material is designed to be a light fabric with a very superior performance. For flags there is no better material on the market. Some can argue that other silk materials can make for great flags, although they may look great, the flag will be heavier in weight and will most likely not be able to take any extreme weather that most areas of the world encounter.

The nylon fabric is very thin and is among the lightest yarns. The elastic synthetic polymer protein like structure enables the material to be strong. The fabric is not only known for its thin strength but its ability to be flexible and to not mold with water.


Polyester is our heavier material and will outlast nylon flags before fraying on the fly end. Our Rugged WaveCrest™ polyester is the longest lasting flag fabric available and is preferred for display in strong wind and unpredictable weather conditions.

Sewn Polyester flags are our most durable flags, and are the best option if you intend to fly the flag 24/7. They require more wind than nylon flags to “fly” as they are heavier. They are made from a special type of polyester fabric which looks like coarse cotton in texture.