Custom Golf Flags

Standard Golf offers a full line of custom golf flags ranging from embroidered golf flags, screen printed golf flags and dye-sublimated golf flags as well. Each flag is available as either a grommet or tube lock (meaning a hard plastic tube to set over the flagstick). Our Dye-sublimated flags also are available as an “Event” flag that uses the flag material as the “tube.” These are perfect for one-day events or as awards that will be framed. For a complete line of customized products from Standard Golf, click here.

Embroidered Golf Flags

Embroidered golf flags can be amazing and often times are thought of as the “top of the line” for golf flags. With all of the flag making technology it really depends on the eye of the beholder as to the best flag to display your club logo or flag design. Embroidered golf flags give a rich and sophisticated feel to your golf flag. Made with UV protected thread, you logo is protected from fading and with Standard Golf’s quad-stitching along the boarder these flags are meant to fly!

Screen Printed Golf Flags

Like our embroidered flags, with a screen printed golf flag you can pick the exact flag you wish to add your logo. Solid white, or a checkered blue and black flag can be the “base” for your logo flag. Screen print pricing is based on the total number of colors in your logo or “screen.” This method is a great idea for those with 1 or 2 colors in the logo / design.

Dye-Sublimated Golf Flags

Full coverage graphics are available with our customizable flags using a revolutionary, state-of-the-art dye sublimation process. Full-color printing capabilities create photo-quality logo reproduction, and are more versatile and economical when compared to traditional screen printed or embroidery processes. They are made with a maximum UV-resistant material which helps maintain long-lasting color and you are ensured a more durable, longer-lasting flag with Standard Golf’s exclusive quadruple-stitched edges (compared to our competitor’s double stitched borders). Custom flags come in your choice of two fabrics: heavy-weave polyester for the feel of cotton, or the nylon-like feel of the 200 denier tight-weave polyester material.

Full coverage options are available. This will take your design from corner to corner, whereas regular dye-sub displays your artwork in the center of a white flag.

For use in events, our dye-sublimated event flags are available in white polyester, with a cloth tube designed to lay flat for framing.

Design Your Own Flags


  1. Select your favorite color and style of flag.
  2. Choose flag quantities.
  3. Available in grommet and tube-lock.

Additional Information

  • One time art charge for first time embroidery projects.
  • Embroidery pricing is based on stitch count – quote required.

Screen Print

  1. Select your favorite color and style of flag
  2. Choose number of colors in your logo
  3. Double-sided customization option
    Available on red, white, medium blue and yellow 200 Denier Nylon Flags
  4. Available in grommet or tube-lock

Additional Information:

  • One time art charge.
  • Art charge is waived on orders of four sets (36 flags) or more with the same logo, or if artwork is provided in vector format.


Dye Sublimation

  • Golf flags like you have never seen them before! Any color and any pattern!
  • Artwork can be full coverage or not. Can only be printed on white.
  • Photo-quality color flags with mirror image printing.
  • Only available with 200 Denier Polyester and event flags.

Order Your Custom Flags Here

Just let us know which type of flag makes sense for your business: Embroidery, Screen Print, Dye Sublimation, Full Coverage, Doubled Sided Dye Sub, Event, or Club Flag.

Dye Sublimated Flags

Full Coverage Flag

Doubled Sided Dye Sub Flag

Event Flag

Club Flag

Dye Sublimation Process

Golf flags like you have never seen them before! Any color and any pattern! Photo-quality color flags with mirror image printing means you get full vibrant color on both sides. Our full coverage dye-sublimation flags are the industry leader and allow your creative side to be shown on the entire flag.

What is a Vector Image?

Our “What is a Vector Image?” page does a great job explaining the difference between raster files (.jpg, .png, and .gifs) and vector files (.eps, .ai, and .pdfs*) and how to tell if your artwork is custom flag ready!

Complete Line of Customized Products

For a complete line of customized products, click here.

Flag Cleaning Instructions

Please hand wash the flags with a fabric safe mild detergent, rinse and “fly-dry” (don’t wring them out) instead of using machines to do the cleaning. If they are in need of spot removal (i.e. rust, grass stains, etc.), try regular Simple Green spray, or a gentle “oxi” cleaning solution that is fabric safe, then gentle scrubbing with a clean cloth, and a rinse with clean water…again, “fly-dry” the flags.