GreenActivator Enhances Root Mass for Greener, Healthier, More Resilient Turf

According to Thoms, ISU’s research has confirmed that adding humic acid results in:


which means better water absorption, better nutrient uptake and increased drought resistance


that equates to faster recovery from turf damaged by traffic, divots or ball marks


which results in a healthier soil and root zone


enabling the reduction of synthetic nitrogen by 25 percent

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Adam Thoms, Ph.D. Discussing the Benefits of Humic Acid

What is GreenActivator and Why is Standard Golf Selling it?

Why GreenActivator?

GreenActivator Enhances Root Mass for Greener, Healthier, More Resilient Turf

Your livelihood depends on a consistently great playing experience. Your pride drives you to achieve a great looking course. Score both with the holistic – above and below ground – turf health boost from GreenActivator. By enhancing root mass with GreenActivator you achieve greater water uptake and greener, overall healthier grass that delivers a great golf course experience. GreenActivator was developed using a patented extraction process and proprietary blend of naturally-sourced humic and fulvic acids, plus NPK. This unique technology has been tested for more than a decade to prove plant and soil health benefits. Use GreenActivator for your golf course fertilizer for the best results.

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Golf Course Superintendents See the Benefits of GreenActivator

Last season, GreenActivator was put to the test by multiple golf course superintendents. To a person, they enthusiastically agree that GreenActivator resulted in visible above and below ground turf improvement:

  • Enhanced root mass – both base and fine root systems
  • Thicker, sturdier grass
  • Resilient turf that quickly regenerates from divot or traffic damage

And they agree that the addition of GreenActivator positively impacted their bottom line through:

  • Less mowing resulting in less labor required
  • Reduced wear on mowing equipment
  • Reduction in the need for synthetic fertilizer and fungicides
  • Fewer passes across the course due to its liquid formation, making it a perfect carrier for other products

“With GreenActivator golf course fertilizer, I’ve noticed much lusher fairways. For me, it was like mowing on a cloud because the grass was standing up. The grass is thicker, but not higher, so the ball sits up better for golfers and improves playability. I get positive comments from golfers constantly.”

Scott Rohlfsen
Superintendent at Jesup Golf & Country Club

“We’ve been in a two-year drought and were 10 inches below normal rainfall last summer. With a poor irrigation system, I knew I needed something to strengthen plants. Standard Golf has a 100-plus year history and is trusted in the golf industry. I knew if they were introducing GreenActivator, it was worth a shot. The drought resistance that the fairways have withstood is incredible; most of our core fairways were in phenomenal shape. I’m never going back to not using GreenActivator.”

David Eichhorn
Superintendent at Elmwood Country Club

“We applied it on fairways and tee boxes. Grass was easier to mow and I was able to lower the mower from .750 to .625 on Kentucky Blue Grass with no extra clippings. The turf was more resistant to cart traffic even after a seven consecutive weekend tournaments schedule.”

Kory Brown
Superintendent at Ballard Golf & Country Club

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