remove sight lines, not accessories

Cart/Personal Rake

Due to popular demand, Standard Golf’s Tour Pro and Tour Smooth II rake heads are now available in the “Cart Rake/Personal Rake” model.

The shorter handle with rake head will fit under the roof of any golf cart and sits conveniently between 2 sets of clubs on the back of a golf cart.

Add to your fleet of carts or make available for golfers!

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To help maintain bunkers and keep people safe and healthy, why not offer rakes to the players themselves? Golfers already carry their own clubs, towels and other tools; why not a bunker rake?

That’s what we thought. So we went out to the course and took our “Cart Rake” along. This is a lightweight rake head (15″ long) with a 48″ long wood handle. The handle screws into the head and is easy to take off to store in your bag or after golf.