2017 New Products from Standard Golf


 CEDAR FALLS, Iowa, January 9, 2017 – Standard Golf, the world’s leading manufacturer of golf course accessories, has introduced eight new products now available for the 2017 golf season: Hybrid ST2000 Cup, Smart-Fit™ Pro Ferrule, Force Flex Hazard/Yardage Marker, Tee Box Litter Caddie™ Liner, Ace Multi-Purpose Container, Event Spike, and two new Rake handle length options.

The popular ST2000 Smart-Fit™ Cup has added a third player to the game — the Hybrid ST2000 Cup. This cup combines the strength of aluminum with the resilience of plastic for extended use on the course. The durable plastic sides are molded with chemical-resistant polymers for a long-lasting, chip-resistant finish, while the aluminum bottom keeps the “traditional sound” when the ball hits the cup.

The new Smart-Fit™ Pro Ferrule has a strong polymer base to help reduce chipping, and wear on existing cups. This feature will extend the cup life while maintaining the superior fit of the Smart-Fit™ ferrule and cup from Standard Golf.

With an improved design, the Force Flex Hazard/Yardage Marker allows you to drive over the marker with carts and mowers in any direction and it will bounce back up every time. The new Force Flex is now one piece, meaning there is no sleeve or cap to replace, and will not fade in the sun with the UV-resistant rod.

As an economical alternative to adding tee box signage and a Litter Caddie™, Standard Golf now offers a Tee Box Litter Caddie™ Liner that includes the hole number, par and yardage in white or orange lettering.

The 8-gallon (30 L) Ace Multi-Purpose Containers are versatile with interchangeable liners and lids and can be used to dress up the range or tee area. Options available include Club Washer, Divot Mix and Trash Containers.

The new Event Spike gives players the perfect spot to place the flagstick while on the green so that the USA or other event flag does not touch the ground.

Both the 25” (64 cm) Tour Pro™ Rake and 22” (56 cm) Tour Smooth II are now available with a 60” (152 cm) Gator Grip™ Handle option.