2020 New Products

The catalogs are out, and the PGA Merchandise and Golf Industry Shows are around the corner. That means only one thing – our new 2020 Product videos are ready to launch!

This year we’ve created a few different videos in the studio and will do more “demo” type videos as the season goes along. Below is our full 2+ minute all new 2020 product inclusive video. You’ll see each of our new products roll out, one after the other. In the upcoming days we will drop the individual videos on our YouTube Page.


The thirteen new products for 2020 are as follows:


Cup-Saver Ball Retriever. Help to keep the edges of your cups in the best shape. The Cup-Saver attached to he bottom of the flagstick, just about the ferrule. Lift the flagstick up and the Cup-saver will retrieve any ball that is in the bottom of the cup. The USGA recently ruled that devices such as this are legal for 2020.

Reflective Tape is perfect for flagsticks or other outdoor equipment. Weather, impact, abrasion and solvent resistant this material will last. Ideal for laser distance finders.

Premier Ball Washer now without the embossed “Standard Golf.” This has been removed and replaced with a dome resin decal. This decal will come standard with the Standard Golf logo, but now allows for custom branding or no decal at all.

In-Ground Trash Can for those looking to remove trash cans and littler caddies from site, but still need the functionality. Our new 20-gallon trash can is meant to be buried or set in a full enclosure.

Single Tube Tool Rack new textured finish for no slipping. Easily organize your shop tools to keep out of the way and off the floor.

Litter Mate now has thicker, stronger shell with easy grip handles molded into the side. In addition the Standard Golf logo is embossed into the plastic, of if you’d like you can order with out our logo or even use our dome resin decals to add your own branding or logo. Based on quantities ordered, we could even emboss your own logo / brand into the side-walls.

Putt-Saver Tournament Flagstick is perfect for the new modernized rules of golf that allow you to putt without removing the flagstick. This stick tapers to a narrow 3/8″ (all other flagsticks are 1/2″ at the bottom). This stick is also two-pieces, which allows for easier shipping.

NEW Du-Whipper now with two new ergonomic grips to better support and the user. The telescoping fiberglass pole stretches from 6′ to 12′ (2m to 5m).

Coco Drag Mop is perfect for top dressing smaller or sensitive areas where it is difficult to take our full size drag mats. The Coco Drag Mop is 24″ x 18″ (61cm x 45cm).

Ultimate Utility Vehicle Tool Racks is an exciting set of tools that allows you to organize your UTV how you need. Want to carry a hole cutter, trash bin, or even a mobile desk with ruler you can easily insert any of these items into the receiver.

Two-Piece Range Pole is easier for shipping and allows for overnight or 2-day shipping if needed. Two 40″ (102 cm) pieces connect together. Also available is extra is our new molded flag top.

Molded Flag Top is now available for the top of your range marking poles. Flag tops will help to enhance the look of your range poles while also helping golfers to see wind direction and makes the range poles look more like you are out on the course.