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Security enhancement for credit card orders

BY Matt on October 27, 2016

Many have noticed that their credit card companies are sending you a new card with a “chip”. These new credit cards are part of the “EMV”, which stands for EuroCard, MasterCard, Visa. This is the global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and…

Video Tutorial 2 – Upload orders & add multiple “Ship To” addresses

BY Matt on August 26, 2016 Website Tutorial

We are constantly working to improve and add productivity to our eCommerce site and today we are happy to share two new improvements. We have now made it easier to add a multiple “Ship To” addresses for your orders, and to save those for…

New Website Tutorial Videos

BY Matt on April 15, 2016

Golf Course Accessories

As you know by now, Standard Golf has updated our website. With all change there can be some discomfort and a certainly a learning curve. By now it seems that all bumps and hiccups have been addressed but we understand some will still…

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