Introducing the Cup-Saver Ball Retriever

It was very well known that on January 1, 2019 The Rules of Golf were updated to allow golfers around the world  to keep the flagstick in the cup while putting. We even came out with the Putt-Saver Tournament Flagstick (a unique two-piece flagstick that is only 3/8″ of an inch in diameter at the bottom) for a narrower flagstick where the ball collides with the stick and has more room to fall into the cup.

Enter the Cup Saver Ball Retriever

After a year of this rule superintendents started to see some problems. Namely the edges of the cup were getting more damage than normal. It appears that golfers were damaging the turf as they were removing their golf balls. Be it “big hands” or those using their putters or the flagstick to jump the ball out of the hole, the turf was getting damaged and superintendents were not happy.

With the need to help keep the edges of the turf in good shape, we’ve come up with a simple piece that can be added to the bottom of a flagstick – just above the ferrule. The Cup Saver Ball Retriever snaps on over the flagstick. Thus if you have our Royaline flagstick (constant 1/2″ diameter from top to bottom) or our tapered Tournament Flagstick, our Cup Saver will fit to either one.

Why Standard’s Cup Saver

There are several reasons the Cup Saver Ball Retriever by Standard Golf is the choice for ball elevators.

  1. Our ball retriever can be used on any flagstick – single diameter to tapered. With our snap attachment you simply bend open the Cup Saver, slide it onto the flagstick and then push down to sit on top of the ferrule. There are several on the market that you must slide all the way down from the top – good luck with this on a tapered flagstick.
  2. Our Cup Saver will also fit any manufacturers’ flagstick and ferrule. Unlike others that have notches and only fit into their ferrule.
  3. It’s Legal! The USGA and R&A recently adjusted the Rule of Golf that allow an attachment to the flagstick as long as it is more than 3″ below the surface of the grass. Ours sits right on the ferrule. Watch out for those with long tubes that come up out of the cup 2 to 3 feet above the ground.
  4. Made in the U.S.A. As a proud American manufacturer since the early 1900s, you cannot substitute American quality.

See it in Action

We recently took out the Cup Saver to the Golf Industry Show and PGA Merchandise Shows. Not only did superintendents and pros alike see the benefits of the Cup Saver, we were also able to give some people hands on use of the Cup Saver Ball Retriever.

The Cup Saver Ball Retriever is available from any Standard Golf Distributor or on with all of our new products for 2020.