Don’t forget the trash can with no-touch golf

With more golf courses opening throughout the USA and world each day its great to see all of the safety precautions courses are taking to allow golf to be played. As I’ve played a few rounds in the “No Touch” era one thing seems to come to mind: where are all the trash cans? This seems to be a perfect time to re-introduce our in-ground trash can.

Orlando and the GIS and PGA Shows seem so long ago now. Not so much from the 3 months since attending, but the status of the world and Coronavirus. So it is understandable that some of our new products for 2020 that we released early this year have been overlooked. That said, I think one of our new products really could step up and help to be a problem solver during the time of “No Touch” golf is our in-ground trash can.

New for 2020: In-ground Trash Can

I know ball washers, benches and trash cans have been removed from golf courses as they can be areas of high touch. Why not use the in-ground trash can? Sure, it takes some installation time but once in place there is no need to touch the trash can at all by any golfer or anyone else putting trash into the can. Simply step on the foot pedal and the can’s door will open up, drop in the debris. Simple and no touch!

Clean up is easy as the top lid can be lifted up, and then a gloved maintenance team member can easily lift out the trash bag, tie it up and away you go without touching any trash.

  • 20 gallon (75 L) capacity
  • Made from galvanized steel, lids are paintable
  • Steel gray in color
  • Foot pedal opens door, drop in garbage
  • Foul orders and penetration by animals is minimized
  • Do not drive across

Customize to your heart’s content

Another great feature for these trash cans are their customizable options. The cans will come in a “steal grey” color that can easily accept any paint color. Paint them green to match the sounding grass or another color to help golfers and maintenance easily find.

In addition to paint colors add your logo via a customized decal or even a dome resin decal. This could be for your course logo or perhaps a tournament / sponsor logo. Check out our whole page on customized products (scroll to bottom for the customizable decals and dome resin products).

Add to other no touch accessories

In late March we came out with several other products that can be used around the golf course for no-touch golf. These products range from our practice green targets (perfect for practice greens and no cups to cut), cup saver ball retrieve (just add with a zip tie and they will stay above the ferrule), safety cup (leave for an above ground cup or inverses for a shallow cup) and Covid-19 local rules signs.  Check out all of these products from our March 25th posting.