E-Zee White Hole Whitener

Do you host a lot of events or tournaments? Do your members ask to have tour quality holes so that the cups “look like TV”? Standard Golf can help with our E-Zee White Hole Whitener System.

In a nut shell, E-Zee White is a tool that will assist you in painting the top 1″ of the hole to get the “as seen on TV” appearance. Many superintendents find this to be a tedious job but E-Zee white can help you paint each hole in about 30 seconds with no overspray or excess paint on the green. We can all agree that with the top 1″ of the hole painted, your greens will have a great finishing touch.

The video below shows you how easy it is to use E-Zee White with no mess.

As seen above, it really is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to have tour quality looking greens.

  • 1. Insert a cup into a freshly cut hole and use a cup setter to set proper depth.
  • 2. Place the E-Zee white tool into the cup.
  • 3. Insert E-zee white paint can into the tool, press and twist a few times and you’re done.

To prevent overspray onto the green, the E-Zee white tool has a two proprietary design mechanisms: 1) The tip of the paint can is made specifically to fit into the molded receiver of the tool (so the can will not twist inside the tool). 2) A shield is built into the tool preventing overspray from getting into the cup and onto the green.

You can get a “Starter Kit” that includes one tool and a case of paint, The tool itself or a case of paint. If you have 2 team members cutting holes, a starter kit and one extra tool will help get the job done in no time.

E-Zee White Hole Whitener System is a great tool to help all Superintendents add the perfect finishing touch to their championship greens.