Even Bushwood has modern tee signs

Any golfer that steps up to a tee needs a few key things: a good swing, the right equipment and accurate information. To choose the right club, take the right swing and play the game the golfer needs information detailing the specifics of each particular hole. TurfStone™ Tee Signs from Standard Golf relay all the information a golfer needs before they take their first swing. This includes hole number, par, distance, and layout of the hole which includes every sand trap and water hazard drawn to scale. Our attractive Tee Signs can instantly modernize a course with the look of granite at only a fraction of the cost.

At Standard Golf, we’re the industry leader in golf course accessories and have a distinguished reputation that attests to our commitment to quality, modernity, and service. Golf courses change every year with the addition of new obstacles and challenges to keep the game exciting. These changes must be reflected in the signage so that players know just what they’re up against when they approach the tee. Keep them informed with TurfStone™ Tee Signs, which we can create with either the course scorecard, a sophisticated architectural drawing, or even a simple napkin sketch of the layout of each hole. From there we fabricate a 16″ x 24” sign (vertical or horizontal orientation) that has all the hole details including an accurate map so players can best make their trip from the tee box to the green.

TurfStone™ Tee Signs make great additions to any course. They are constructed out of molded composite materials that resist cracking and fading, and are more durable than wood or synthetics. We emblazon details with precision laser engraving technology that can include a multitude of colors which are UV-resistant and weather resistant. We digitally archive each design so that duplicates or updates can quickly be made when the time arises. TurfStone™ mimics the look of granite, and unlike competing products, Turfstone™ is light and can be easily installed and displayed on a tee box, driving range, or near the clubhouse.

At Standard Golf we manufacture world-class, premium signage that is durable yet cost-effective. Signs can be branded with a course’s logo, and can also be used as a vehicle for potential advertising revenue. For more information contact Standard Golf, your favorite Standard Golf distributor or click: TurfStone™ Tee Signs.