Get Prepared With the Right Equipment

Be it a Major, a Tour stop, or a local fundraiser, when a tournament comes to a golf club, it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase the beauty of the course. These tournaments and outings allow course superintendents and course managers to display their facility to high-profile influencers such as corporate sponsors and first time visitors alike. Superintendents looking to make a great impression can achieve the crowning stroke for their greens, a hole-in-one per se, with golf course accessories from Standard Golf.

Build a Consistent Brand with Custom Flags and Markers

A course superintendent’s ultimate goal is to make a positive, lasting impression for tournament attendees in hopes that these players and spectators will advertise and recommend the course by word of mouth. In the marketing world, this group of verbal promoters are labeled as “Super Fans”. These advocates can become a great voice for a course, helping to spread the word of a club via user generated content (UGC). One guaranteed method of achieving this goal is using consistent branding throughout the course, providing meaningful photo opportunities in which fans can share via social media.

Standard Golf creates custom pin flags, club flags, and tee markers for special events, as well as for general everyday course marking. By combining the club’s name with tournament names, sponsors, and charities, these accessories present a perfect branding opportunity for superintendents. These customized items also serve as incentives for organizations to return to the course for future events.

Get Prepared With the Right Equipment 

Tournaments attract many people to a club, and in many cases, may be an attendee’s first visit to a specific course. To ensure proper course marking for play, superintendents should be prepared with a suitable selection of pertinent equipment on hand. Standard Golf recommends purchasing marking paint, hazard markers, rope, rope stakes, directional markers, and of course, both “off the shelf” and customized signage before the big event.

Our SpraySmart marking paint is particularly useful for tournaments. SpraySmart works well in any weather and lays on any substrate. Not only does this paint perform to a tee, it’s minimal waste producing packaging and propellant-free formula makes it eco-friendly as well.

Why Standard Golf 

While there may be plenty of companies that can produce custom flags, only Standard Golf can provide the best in the business with exceedingly quick turnaround times. Supplying golf courses with the highest-quality course accessories since 1910, Standard Golf’s unique, distinct specialization in golf only provides superintendents with the confidence that their needs will be anticipated with tried-and-true products that exceed expectation.

Get the most out of tournaments with Standard Golf! Talk to a local distributor today to see how Standard Golf’s one-stop shop can better prepare courses for successful tournaments.