Golf without accessories is slow

Ever wonder what a golf course would look like without on-course accessories?

Pretty bland, empty, and honestly difficult to play. How would you know where to tee off from? How about “Where’s the hole?” We thought the same thing so we made a fun video showing just that: a golf course without accessories.

We are not bullish on golf course accessories because we are a manufacturer of the such. We truly believe the right accessories help the game.

Add beauty to the course.

Brand your course with custom logo flags, water stations, signs.

Help maintain the course.

Our favorite, and most important in our minds: Speed up play!

As you can see golf course accessories do help with speed of play and even some maintenance of the course. For additional info on how golf course accessories help to speed up play, check out our post about this very subject.

Special thanks to Duane Janssen, CGCS and Ridglea Country Club for allowing us to shoot on their beautiful (and accessories full) golf course.