Greenskeeper Ball Mark Repair Tool

We have all approached a perfectly manicured green to find ball marks all over. It leaves a bad impression and while golfers know they should be repaired, they seem too lazy to do so. The Greenskeeper Ball Mark Repair Tool is a great weapon for superintendents and all ground repair staff to have handy.

Superintendents hope those that play golf on their courses are knowledgeable about all rules and etiquette about golf. It is also the assumption (and we know what that means) that all golfers have the desire and wherewithal to clean-up after themselves. A concept we, as humans, are taught at an early age: leave the area in better shape than it was found. This of course doesn’t always happen, which is where Standard Golf can help provide a ball mark repair tool to help easily fix these annoying imperfections on your course.

Easily connected to green mowers or other utility vehicles a “Greenskeeper” can be used to quickly repair ball marks on the green. Simply set the tool on top of the ball mark, and push down into the turf. The four metal “fingers” push into the mark, squeeze the soil together and eliminate the ball mark. Yes, it is that simple.

With the Greenskeeper Ball Mark Repair Tool any Superintendent or greenskeeper can eliminate a full green of ball marks in minutes. Inspecting the depth and placement of your cups? Easily use the Greenskeeper to repair any ball marks while walking the green.

The Greenskeeper tool is 39″ (91 cm) in length and weighs less than 4 lbs (1.8 kg) so it is very easy to carry around and use as needed. A great addition to your utility vehicle, green mowers, or hole cutter and E-zee white.

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