Hall of Famer Steve Tyler Discusses Half A Century Of Growth In The Golf Industry

Even among the most seemingly disparate disciplines and industries, there is a commonality—a small space reserved for those who have gone above and beyond. It is a space in which we honor the great and fantastic with pictures and red ropes for their achievements and celebrate the joy they have bestowed upon the world. While the locations vary, they all boast the same three words: Hall of Fame.

Steve Tyler is a fifty-year veteran of the golfing world and a resident of the Iowa Golf Hall of Fame. When Steve first joined Standard Golf in 1981, Ronald Regan was entering office and Raiders of The Lost Ark was premiering to audiences across the United States. Since that time, Standard Golf, and the entire golf industry, have experienced seismic transformation. There is no doubt that Steve’s abilities to produce sales and lead teams have been instrumental in the continued success of Standard Golf.

When Steve began his career with Standard Golf nearly 35 years ago, the sport was in the middle of a revolution. In fact, “…the golf industry in the U.S. was just beginning a growth period that would last well into the 1990’s,” says Steve. “Demand for new ideas and innovations in all facets of the industry was booming… fun times were abundant. One could do no wrong if quality and service were your main focus.”

Steve’s commitment to quality and service brought Standard Golf to Course Managers and superintendents nationwide. In addition, Steve’s expertise was key in the development of several of the most popular pieces of equipment still in use on golf courses today. For example, Steve helped create the notched ferrule flagstick along with the “Smart Fit” cup that still bears his moniker: ST2000.

It was not always smooth sailing though. When Steve was named National Sales Manager, the golf world was facing the grim reality of over-expansion. “As the years passed and too many golf courses were built, it had really become a challenge just to hold market share and please the end user: the golf course superintendent.” These pressures only continued to mount. Golf superintendents were battling extremely high turf expectations and decreasing memberships and budgets.

The difference between leaders and contributors, however, is the ability to deal with chaos. Not only was Steve able to help Standard Golf weather the storm, but he continues to play a key role today as a part-time in-house consultant.

Sometimes the cliché is the truth: attitude is everything. If there is anything the average Joe Golfer can learn from Steve, it might just be his infectious enthusiasm.

“It’s still a real kick to be involved in this great sport. I feel super blessed to have been with this great company for over 35 years and in the industry over 50.  I have worked with and continue to work with some of the top golf oriented professional people in the world. Wouldn’t change a thing or trade my memories with anyone. Just lucky I guess.”

-Steve Tyler