How to Receive Freight from Standard Golf: a Refresher Course

In September of 2017 we wrote our first blog about receiving freight from Standard Golf. But really it was more about receiving freight in general and more of a “best practice” if you will.

It seems we need to re-visit this past post, and lucky for you we even made a few videos about the subject that we’ll share here as well.

This is an important topic. Logistics is one of the oldest professions in the world. And because we can buy from anywhere and ship to anywhere the rules and regulations with shipping have become more complicated. So this blog today is meant to help you realize the importance of how to receive freight properly so that if there are any issues with the shipment you have the best chance of recovering the damages or getting new product.

You need to inspect the freight or identify any potential issues immediately with the driver so that if there are any issues you have this clearly indicated on the form. This is very important because if you do not mention any damages, and then later find some, the carriers will not take any responsibility. This goes the same if the shipping form shows 3 packages and only 2 arrive.

5 things to do when receiving freight

1. Inspect the freight!

2. When you receive freight the driver is going to ask you to sign off on their delivery form. PLEASE before you do so you MUST inspect the freight. We always shrink wrap our packages together. So at quick look you can see, if the shrink wrap is cut or broken, our the shipping labels clearly seen on the outside of the shrink wrap?

3. Make a note on the delivery receipt if there are any damages. At best, tell the driver they will need to wait while you inspect the potential problems. If the driver refuses to wait, then you can sign the form, BUT PLEASE make sure to indicate that you have not inspected freight because driver will not wait. Or something else along those lines. This is important because if you sign with no indication of missing or damages freight, the carriers are NOT going to be helpful.

4. Does the skid sit flat on the ground? If not, mention that on the delivery receipt, “potential damage due to non conforming skid, will inspect later.”

5. If receiving a hazardous shipment you must review immediately. If you see anything wrong with the shrink wrap or packages refuse the whole shipment.


Check out these two videos that help discuss the issues we spoke about above:

Remember – always check the freight before signing off on the delivery receipt!