How You Can Own Checkered Golf Flags with Lower Cost

Catchy title – or click bait perhaps. Today though we wanted to talk about the different manufacturing processes we use here at Standard Golf to create the two different kinds of Checkered Practice Green Flags we sell.

Read below for the details about the two different types of flags, or simply watch the video below to listen to our Director of Marketing, Matt Pauli discuss the two flags.

Sewn Checkered Practice Green Flag

As many of you know, for years Standard Golf manufactured just one type of checkered practice green flag – and it was sewn together. Meaning that we have taken three pieces of fabric, sewn them all together – taking 20 squares and stitching them into one. The extra or loose string is then cut by hand to ensure a smooth finish that will not unwind. The sewn checkered practice green flag is a more rigid flag, weight close to 400 denier and is more expensive than the alternative.

Anco-Dye Printed Checkered Practice Green Flags

Anco-dye printed flags – what is that? This is a process that is commonly referred to as “DTF” or “Direct to Fabric.” As this entails, our anco-dye printed flags are printed directly to the flag material. This allows us to make the flags quicker and with less labor than the sewn flags. Additionally, there is less material in the flag so these are a lighter flag – closer to 200 denier. Though in theory you could make nearly any color, we only stock the most popular (black/white, red/white, black/yellow, and green/white).

We began making this new style in late 2018. This was a direct response to people wanting the same great look of our sewn checkered flags, but at a lower price. And we were able to deliver.

A Common Thread

Though these flags are different in their manufacturing and their weight and performance. One thing is constant – the quad “stitching”. As all have become accustomed, all flags from Standard Golf are “quad stitched” along the edges. This adds strength and life to your flags and prevents the flags from fraying quickly.


If you are looking for a truly classy and formal look, or want the look without all the costs, Standard Golf has you covered with our Sewn or Anco-Dye Printed Checkered Practice Green Flags. Contact your favorite Standard Golf Distributor or Standard Golf for complete details.