Introducing the Chief: Standard Golf’s New Bunker Rake

Think the market for bunker rakes has gotten dull? Think again. The Chief is here to change the game. Bunker rakes and their tines have been standard in the United States for years, but now a new rake is emerging. One without tines at all. A rake that was constructed with the “Aussie style” of maintaining bunkers firmly in mind.

With more superintendents moving to this efficient type of bunker maintenance, the golf world needed a new kind of rake. Standard Golf stepped in and is proud to introduce The Chief.

Why Aussie-Style Raking? 

The USGA considers bunkers as hazards on the golf course, which means supers should maintain them in this manner. However, plenty of avid golfers expect a perfect bunker every time they come across one.

Unfortunately, getting a perfect lie on a bunker every time consumes precious time and resources that many superintendents would rather spend elsewhere. So, what is a superintendent to do? Do you disappoint golfers who say bunkers should be consistent by skimping on the maintenance or do you upset everyone else by using too many resources?

Neither. Instead, golf courses across the country are turning to the Aussie way of bunker maintenance. This method ensures consistency between swings without breaking the bank.

Maintaining a bunker with the “Aussie Style” in mind will help to reduce maintenance time on the bunker while the player should be able to avoid terrible lies such as the treaded “fried egg.” Keeping the vertical sides of the bunker smooth and compact, balls hitting here are expected to roll down to the flat bottoms of the bunker which are finely raked and consistent. While playable, the bunker will also maintain some of a hazard as was originally intended.

Relying on Handmade Tools 

While Aussie-style raking has its benefits, it was difficult to do until now. Some supers have gone so far as to rely on paint rollers and other rigged tools to get the job done. Standard Golf couldn’t stand for that, so we worked together with one of the game’s promising superintendents at a course which has hosted multiple U.S. Open and PGA Championships to design something superior. The result is The Chief.

What Makes the Chief Better 

Unlike traditional rakes, The Chief has two “sides” to the rake head. A smooth side to maintain the vertical lips of the bunker and a 2nd side with no teeth or tines to finely rake the bunker floor.. Furthermore, this one tool replaces other tools supers may have been using to maintain the Aussie Style bunker The Chief does it all.

You can get your first look at the Chief Bunker Rake by watching the video. Contact Standard Golf or your favorite Standard Golf distributor for more information.