Navajo Nation and St. Andrews have more in common than you think

This is just awesome. I’m really not sure how else to describe this, so let’s talk a little about what we have seen in this PBS Newshour on Rez Golf.

Why so awesome you ask? Well as I watch this piece and listen to the participants it is clear they have a love for many things that brought us all to the game of golf.

First, they love their land. It is hard to find a group that is more in tune to nature and their land than the both Native Americans and golf course superintendents.

Secondly, they are aware of the big name athletes, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are mentioned and like them, this group of golfers want competition.

Third, family time. To hear Larron Badoni speak about golf as the best way for him to spend time with his family is touching. I remember loving Sunday evening golf with my mom and dad. We’d go up to the course and tee off about 5 or 6 PM (Michigan summers would stay light until 9 pm) and play as much as we could.

“The landscape here, it’s not just meant for us. It’s meant for the cattle and the livestock. There’s food for them all around. I mean, we’re just literally stepping on it as we go from hole to hole. That’s Rez golf. I like it because I bond with my brothers and my dad. That’s the only way we can connect. We can’t just go out and go to a movie theater or go to the mall.”

Larron Badoni, Rez Golf

This piece doesn’t mention accessories, lack there of or the need for any, but rather a group that is loving the game of golf. Loving all aspects about playing the game.

I’m not sure if any of these facilities are included in the NGF’s facility count for 2019 or if any of these “rounds” are in the 24 million played this year – but they both should be! This facility is as real as any other and the players or that – players of golf.

The connection to St. Andrews is fun. We all know St. Andrews to be the “Birthplace of Golf” with the first rounds recorded as being playing in the 1400s. But do you remember why? It was the best use of the land – a “stick and ball” game. The land was too sandy and hilly to farm. It was almost as they called it useless. That is why I really like this line from the above piece of Rez Golf.

“This kind of reminds me of way back when St. Andrews, when they first started their golf. This is how they started. And this is how they took care of their golf course. And that’s where the whole thing started. We’re kind of proud of what we have. It puts a lump in my throat when I see all these people, all these people that we don’t know. We got to know a lot of people through golf.”

Freddie Yazzie

If you have not yet, do yourself a quick favor and watch this short 4 minute piece on “REZ GOLF” you’ll get an appreciation for your course and for those that love the game of golf.