New Products for 2021

Early January seems different in 2021. With both the GIS and PGA Shows to be hosted virtual we are not all scrambling to get ourselves down to Orlando. We are all going to miss seeing everyone in person – I’m also going to miss getting out of Iowa for 3 weeks in January / February.  But alas, our new products for 2021 did not stop and we have a great line-up for 2021.

2021 Catalogs Are Out!

As always, we did produce our 2021 catalog in 5 different languages. So whether your native language is German, or you want to brush up on your Italian, we have multiple options for you on our digital catalog page. You’ll also find our 2021 New Product Brochure here as well.

Something Old, Something New and Something Borrowed

No, we don’t have any weddings planed here at Standard Golf this year, but our new product line for 2021 will have a familiar feel. Our new products for 2021 are going to have 3 distinct themes.

  • A continuation of our “No Touch” golf products for a clean start to 2021.
  • Re-release of our 2020 new products such as our In-Ground Trash Can, MagnaTech™ Budget Cup, and Two-Piece Range Pole with flag, our Ultimate Utility Vehicle Tool Racks and more
  • Improved takes on old favorites including a new Oak and Timber Tee Markers that allow for customizable logo, Putt-Saver Tournament Flagstick, Coco Drag Mop and our Easy Mark II™.

No Touch Golf Accessories

As long as Covid-19 is around there will be a need for courses to use an assortment of “No Touch” golf products to help make the course clean and more safe for all users and employees alike.

From the Cup Saver Ball Retriever, Ball Elevator to the In-Ground Trash Container we have multiple products that will help to keep the course safe for employees and patrons.

You can see all of our No Touch Product line on our website

A Mulligan on 2020’s New Products

As we all know, 2020 was intercepted by Covid-19. Due to this, many of our new products that came out have been overlooked or their timing just didn’t become right in the world. So for 2021 we wanted to re-introduce these products and get them back in the main light.

Some of these products we had coming down the line for sometime and doubled as No Touch accessories such as our Cup Saver Ball Retriever and In-Ground Trash Can. However it is important not to overlook the others.

The highlights of 2020 include:

    • Two-Piece Range Marking Pole with Flag Topper
      • Perfect to add color or club branding with a custom flag.
      • Easier shipping with the pole now cut in half so carriers have less resistance to ship
    • MagnaTech™ Budget Cup
      • Our new proprietary aluminum mixture is found in all of our aluminum cups beginning in 2020.
      • The Budget Cup is not powder coated and comes to you in a pure aluminum color.
    • Single Tube Tool Rack
      • Perfect for organizing the maintenance shop
      • 24″ length allows for multiple tools to be organized
    • Ultimate Utility Vehicle Tool Racks
      • Customize your Gator or UTV with all the tools you need without filling the bed
      • Tools racks include: hole cutter, hose, trash can, rope spool, and mobile work bench with ruler.

New Customizable Products

You’ve known about Custom Flags from Standard Golf and now we are able to borrow some of our technology and expertise from this realm and add custom logo and branding to multiple products for the golf course, maintenance shop or even the clubhouse.

  • Custom Aluminum Signs
    • First introduced in March 2020 with our “Covid Local Rules” sign.
    • Take any 12″ x 12″ aluminum sign and create your own work of art
    • Less expensive and quicker turnaround times than custom screen print
  • Dome Resin Decal
    • No longer just for our personalized dimple tee marker
    • Add to Premier Ball Washer, Litter Mate Trash and our improved Oak and Timber Tee Markers (formerly the log and branch)
    • Can be made in multiple sizes and shapes to fit your need
    • Automotive UV-grade resin protects from fading