New Website Tutorial Videos

As you know by now, Standard Golf has updated our website. With all change there can be some discomfort and a certainly a learning curve. By now it seems that all bumps and hiccups have been addressed but we understand some will still have questions about how to use the site. To this end, we have made a few short videos that should help some of the more common questions. We have found for optimal experience it is best to not use Internet Explorer as your web browser.

How To Login to SG Advantage / SG Express

We have combined these into one login. Simply look at the top right of the homepage and use “Sign In”

How To Look Up Past Orders and Track Shipments?

How To Place Orders

How Does the New Work?

Any Other Questions?

Do you still have questions about our new website? If so, please do send us an email or call 319-266-2638 and we would be happy to talk about the issues and may even produce a new video!