No Touch Ball Elevator

Since March we have introduced several new products that were not even on the drawing board during the GIS and PGA Shows this year. Today we are excited to announce another addition to our “No Touch” golf products line-up. Introducing the No Touch Ball Elevator!

no touch golf

Safely and Easily Remove Golf Balls from the Cup

The No Touch Ball Elevator is made from a clear polycarbonate material, measures 12 inches (30.5 cm) in length and easily slides over the top of any 1/2″  (1.27 cm) flagstick. The outside diameter is just 3/4 of an inch and allows for plenty of room for the ball to effortlessly fall into the cup upon contact.

The clear polycarbonate is unobtrusive as it allows your flagsticks color to shine through thus making the ball elevator almost disappear. Additionally this polycarbonate is strong and resistant to cracking or bending keeping the No Touch Ball Elevator level with a consistent playing surface.

Unlike a pool noodle, the elevator will not float when wet.

Each end of the No Touch Ball Elevator has a circular disk. The larger disk sits on the bottom of the cup and is beveled so the ball will roll off when the elevator is lifted above the turf. The smaller top disk is grabbed by a player’s putter to lift the elevator straight up without touching the flagstick. Keeping you and other players safe during “No Touch” golf.

Not Just for No Touch Golf

Another added benefit of the No Touch Ball Elevator is the ease at which you can retrieve your golf ball. No more bending down or jabbing a putter or hand into the cup and damaging the edges. Simply lift the ball elevator straight up with your putter and then use your putter to scoop up the ball as it lays on the green.

Superintendents hated the new rule last year about leaving the flagstick in the cup. Many complained as we know about how players were wreaking havoc on the cup edges while removing their golf ball. Now, with the No Touch Ball Elevator cup damage should be a thing of the past.

No Touch Golf Products

Our ball elevator joins a growing list of products that are perfect for the new “No Touch” golf environment. From shallow 2″ cups, personal bunker rakes and even in-ground trash cans you open with your foot or practice green targets for the putting green. Standard Golf has a wide variety of products and price points to help keep your course playable and safe. Check out all of our No Touch Golf Products.

With the most No Touch golf accessories on the market, Standard Golf continues to get the standard in golf course accessories.