Security enhancement for credit card orders

Many have noticed that their credit card companies are sending you a new card with a “chip”. These new credit cards are part of the “EMV”, which stands for EuroCard, MasterCard, Visa. This is the global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions.

Since the “Go Live” or launch of this program there has been an increase in fraud attacks on e-commerce websites. Standard Golf takes this serious and wants our customer to know that our credit card processor and e-commerce vendors are using all means possible to keep our site a secure shopping environment.

It is possible that when you shop at (or other retailers) you may begin to see a “Captcha” security. This is where a box will appear and you’ll be asked to click a radio button to prove you are not a robot. It is also possible you will get asked a several questions or to pick a choose form some images to ensure you are human.

If you would like more details EMV you can read this article from Of course, if you have questions about your ordersĀ on please email us at or general questions to

Thank you!