ST2000 Cups & Smart-Fit Ferrule System from Standard Golf Help Prevent Leaning Flags

A golf course is an idyllic setting, from the view down the fairway to the last putt on a perfectly manicured green. But a flagstick that leans to one side totally ruins the scene. The primary reason for this tilting is wear on the cup and flagstick caused by sand and dirt trapped in the cup. As the wind blows, flags twist and turn, and the trapped grit grinds the cup and ferrule like sandpaper, ruining the fit. Fortunately, Standard Golf, the leader in the golf accessories industry, has a solution.

The ST2000 Cups and Smart-Fit Ferrule System is the only cup and flagstick system on the market that has been specifically engineered to perfectly seat the flagstick. An interlocking fit between the smart-fit ferrule and cup prevents the flagstick from spinning. This helps ensure a perfect fit every time. No other company offers a cup with the interlocking ferrule and cup, so their flagsticks will twist and turn. In addition, sturdy gusset-reinforced ribs allow dirt and sand to sift through the cup, eliminating the wear caused by sticking. No more wear means no more twisted or leaning flagsticks.

The ST2000 Cup is available in three materials: plastic, aluminum, or a hybrid cup with aluminum base and plastic side walls. The plastic cup features entry level pricing for those on a budget. Bonderite-coated aluminum cups are the strongest, and still make the traditional sound when a ball hits the bottom of the cup. The innovative hybrid design, new for 2017, combines the best of both worlds. The aluminum bottom produces the maximum strength and traditional sound, while the plastic molded sides are less prone to chipping and are easier to clean, resulting in longer life.

Best of all, there is never any need to add a white plastic sleeve to the ST2000 cup, which can reduce the cup diameter and cost money. Sand and debris can easily sift through to the bottom. Every ST2000 Cup features feet on the bottom to prevent sinking. This ensures the cup stays one inch below the surface of the green as intended.

The super tough nylon bottom of the Smart Fit Pro Ferrule helps to avoid wear and tear on the bottom of the cup and eliminates chipping the side walls. To read more about this dynamic product pair, check out our story: Two New Hybrids for your golf course. 

Today’s discerning players demand a flawless golf course with excellent design, amenities, and features. It’s time to stop the twisting and turning that causes flagsticks to lean. The ST2000 Cups and Smart-Fit Ferrule System is the most technologically advanced cup and ferrule design on the market. This innovative product decreases wear and tear, increases life, and offers a perfect fit between the flagstick and cup every time. Go to today to order the ST2000 Cups and Smart-Fit Ferrule System, or to find your local distributor.

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