Standard Golf Aluminum Cups

As some of you know we have been experiencing some unfortunate early chipping on some of our  aluminum cups. Though it is a small percentage of cups that are failing, it is too many. We have been diligently working to discover the reason, however we have not been able to pin-point the exact reason for the chipping. We are testing a number of new processes and procedures to improve the powder adhesion to the aluminum substrate of the cup. Rest assured we are committed to producing high quality products and will continue to test, and adjust our production process as needed.

A great alternative to either of our aluminum cups would be our Hybrid ST2000 Cup. This cup is a combination of aluminum (base) and a strong plastic over-molded sides. The aluminum base allows for golfers to still hear the “noise” when their ball hits the bottom of the cup, while the plastic sides are easy to clean and maintain.

Part of our quality control process includes the “Cross-Cut” Test. This is a method to determine the resistance of paints and coatings to separation from substrates, such as the aluminum in our cups. To perform a cross-cut test we take a finished cup and simply cut a “lattice pattern” with multiple 90 degree cuts deep into the substrate. We will also be doing additional testing to help identify the specific cause of these failures.

To our customers and distributors of Standard Golf, we appreciate your loyalty and continued support as always. As with all of our products, such as our new Chief Bunker Rake, we are committed to producing top quality products that both help make your jobs easier and your courses look great.

If you ever have any issues with your Standard Golf products, please do let your distributor know or contact us directly here at Standard Golf.

Thank you again for your business and support.