Standard Golf, More than Just On-Course Accessories

When one thinks of Standard Golf Company’s products the first that come to mind unsurprisingly would be: cups, flagsticks, bunker rakes, flags and tee markers. Along with ball washers and signage these are many of Standard Golf’s core products. But Standard Golf is much more than on-course accessories.

One of the core principles at Standard Golf is to help make the job of the golf course superintendent easier while helping to make them more efficient and successful in their jobs. we accomplish this with useful tools and innovative new products such as our Magnum Tools, The Level Lawn Tool (lawn leveling rake), and Turf Repair Tools.

Magnum Tools

There is a lot of grass and landscaping at each golf course that at the end of the day the responsibility falls to the superintendent and their teams to maintain. Thus is it very important for Standard Golf to have other tools that can be used to help maintain these areas.

The Magnum Line of tools are exclusively from Standard Golf. Their calling card is their strength and longevity. You can see these on all of their heads as we connect the heads to the handles with a twist and gusset bracing. This process helps to eliminate head-to-handle wobble.

A wide variety of Magnum Tools can help you get through any job around the course – or even your own home.

  • Straight Tooth Maintenance Rake: This rake is a perfect multi-functional tool designed well for construction and repair projects.
  • Landscape Rake with Sifting Tool: Like our Chief Bunker Rake, this maintenance tool has a double-sided head. One side to separate stone and debris and the other for straight edge leveling.
  • Squeegees: We have both a Roller Squeegee and a Straight Edge version.
  • Spike Roller: Perfect for light overseeding or to lightly aerate bentgrass greens and tees.
  • The Lute: A great tool to help clean up and remove aeration plugs.
  • Don’t forget the Tool Rack: We have a few different sizes that you can organize your tools efficiently.

lawn leveling rakeThe Level Lawn

The most popular of our maintenance tools is our Levelawn, the lawn leveling rake. Coming in two sizes with both a 30″ (76 cm) and 36″ (91 cm) head, this tool is a must have for anyone that is seeding new grass or simply needs to level their lawn with topdressing. It helps with top dressing by removing stones from the soil, breaks up small clods of sand or loam.

Check out the video below of The Levelawn in action!

And don’t just take our word for it, see how other customers are loving the Levelawn!

lawn leveling tool amazon reviews

Turf Repair Tools

If you have damaged grass or turf areas that need some TLC Standard Golf has tools that can help in this regard as well. From full on turf repair/transplant tools to hand aerifiers and even lawn spikes and staples, Standard Golf can help.

  • Soil Profile Sampler: This tool is great it quickly pull a clean root zone sample to check the health.
  • Hexagon Turf Repair: The six-sided tool can pull and replace plugs that are 7″ W x 4″ D (18 cm x 10 cm).
  • Turf Plugger: A tool that is ideal for replacing small areas of damaged turf.
  • Hand Aerifier: Can have solid or hollow tines, collects the plugs while aerating and is a perfect companion to your aerifing chores.
  • Biodegradable Landscape Spikes and Wire Landscape Staples: Each a great addition when needing to anchor down sod, landscape covers or even to keep hoses in place.

The next time you’re about on the golf course and you see that great looking custom flag, or are cleaning your golf ball, remember Standard Golf not only sets the Standard in Golf Course Accessories, but also maintenance and turf repair tools.