Standard Golf Company Introduces New Products for 2017

Standard Golf Company, the world’s oldest continually-operated manufacturer and marketer of golf course accessories, is proud to announce eight exciting new products coming to market in 2017. After carefully listening to its customers and their needs, Standard Golf is delivering the additional options they’ve requested. These products give golfers and golf course superintendents an updated and modern aesthetic that perfectly complements today’s updated facilities and course amenities.

Standard Golf’s approach is to build on its expertise and rich history, while also staying up-to-date. The golf accessories industry has sometimes been slow to adapt to new trends. But a respect for tradition doesn’t have to limit innovation. Standard Golf Company is proving that the best approach blends the old with the new by continuously improving its product line.

New and updated products for 2017 include:

Hybrid ST2000 Smart-Fit Cup – When making a putt, the sound of the golf ball hitting the bottom of the cup is music to a golfer’s ears. But superintendents want a cup that lasts. This new hybrid cup satisfies both needs. An aluminum base strengthens the cup and produces the traditional sound golfers love, while the durable plastic over-molded sides make for easy cleaning and a long life.

Smart-Fit Pro Ferrule – The new Smart-Fit Pro Ferrule has a supertough nylon base to reduce chipping and wear. This feature will extend both the cup and ferrule’s life while maintaining superior fit with our Smart-Fit cup.

Force Flex Hazard / Yardage Marker – Drive over the Force Flex with carts and mowers in any direction and it will bounce back up every time. This new and improved marker is now one-piece, so there’s no sleeve or cap to replace. And the durable UV-resistant rod will not fade in the sun.

Ace Multi-Purpose Container – Since the lids are interchangeable, Ace Multi-Purpose Containers can be used anywhere. Any one container could be a divot mix box, club washer, or trash receptacle. These attractive 8-gallon (30L) containers can be used to dress up the range or tee area and are priced below our recycled products to fit any budget.

Event Spike – The Event Spike gives golfers the perfect place to set a flagstick, so the USA or event flag never touches the ground.

Tee Box Litter Caddie Liner – No need to buy both tee box signage and a litter container. The Tee Box Litter Caddie Liner includes the hole number, par, and yardage in white or orange lettering and fits any 9-gallon Little Caddie.

Longer Rake Heads – Both the 25” Tour Pro Rake and 22” Tour Smooth II are now available with a 60” Gator Grip Handle. The shorter handle allows users to have more control while the wider rake head covers a larger work area.

Standard Golf Company is a market leader with a long history of creating quality products. This exciting, innovative line of accessories for 2017 perfectly blends the old with the new, combining aesthetics, durability, and ease of use. Golf course superintendents, pro shop managers, and driving range owners will find them the perfect addition to a modern, updated facility.

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