Standard Golf supports sustainability

A little over one year ago Cedar Falls, Iowa began a sustainability project. The project was to build a “Solar Park” in Cedar Falls to collect solar energy and put this energy back into the grid. Cedar Falls Utilities built a 1.5 MW Solar array and in late March 2016 the project began to produce clean energy for the city of Cedar Falls. The City of will hold their ribbon cutting Open House on June 4th for their Simple Solar sustainability project.

The solar panels’ maximum output is 1.5 megawatts of power. They are expected to produce roughly 2,600 megawatt-hours of energy per year, about 0.5 percent of the city’s total energy use in 2015. That’s enough to power 254 Cedar Falls homes, according to CFU.

Standard Golf helps with sustainability

A big topic in the golf world these days is sustainability, specifically in regard to water conservation. With Standard Golf’s home town utility department building a new Solar array this seemed like a perfect opportunity for the company to do their share as a responsible corporate resident. Peter Voorhees, President of Standard Golf, will join city dignitaries and other community leaders at the Simple Solar Grand Opening Celebration on June 4th. Standard Golf will be recognized as a major supporter of this new project.


“There is a big push in golf these days to think about sustainability,” says Director of Marketing at Standard Golf, Matt Pauli. “Courses obviously need a lot of water to be maintained and this is a recourse that can be scarce and expensive in many areas of the country. When we were approached by CFU (Cedar Falls Utilities) to help support their new solar array it seemed perfect. Standard Golf has been here in Cedar Falls since our beginning in the early 1900s and anything we can do to help increase the value of Cedar Falls and help with the environment is a great win. Golf course superintendents and the game as a whole is working on sustainability, so this was another opportunity for us to get behind this cause as well.”

Check out Cedar Falls Utilities website to learn more about this new sustainability project: Simple Solar.