Standard Golf’s ball washers are dual purpose

Have you seen players lick their golf ball clean before a putt so they would roll true, or even on the tee or when cleaning a plugged ball in the fairway? Unfortunately, fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides that keep courses beautiful made this ritual unwise, if not downright dangerous. However, as Lind Hunemuller, National Sales Manager for Standard Golf, says, “For best performance, your golf balls should be completely clean of dirt, mud, and other debris and as aerodynamic as possible.” That’s why adding a ball washer to each tee box keeps players happy and demonstrates that your golf course isn’t cutting any corners. However, it’s a common misconception that ball washers are too expensive and difficult to service. That’s why Standard Golf has developed an affordable ball washer along with helpful videos on how to maintain them properly.

It might seem logical that ball washers detract from the streamlined maintenance of the course, so some superintendents want to take a more minimalistic approach to course design. These supers likely also believe that they can increase productivity while mowing if they no longer have to move the ball washers. “With workers in short supply and costs rising, golf facilities everywhere are rethinking their maintenance programs and focusing on the tasks that will have the most positive impact on the golf experience,” said Dave Oatis, director of the USGA Green Section’s Northeast Region.

But where does the minimalist trend end? Eliminating ball washers might make course maintenance somewhat easier, but so would removing trees, bunkers, and water hazards. (Inconceivable!) Ball washers have become a staple of golf courses, and many players see them as an essential tool of the game. The absence of a ball washer on your tee box can give players the negative impression that your course is cutting corners. Ball washers can also help speed up play, as players are able to see the next tee box, especially when signs are included.

Standard Golf has developed more affordable ball washers that allow logos, thus offering companies an opportunity to market to players; courses can brand themselves by adding their logo to the accessory. Ball washers can even be a potential revenue source for courses if they add advertising to them. This additional revenue means ball washers can pay for themselves. Standard Golf has also made ball washers easier to maintain and clean with the development of products like Sparkleen detergent, and with helpful how-to videos.

In response to the argument that ball washers are unnecessary, Standard Golf advocates for players, who could be unsatisfied with the golf course’s cutting corners if they cannot play with clean golf balls. They understand the importance of ball washers on golf courses and has made them more affordable and easier to maintain. While it’s tempting to believe that a minimalistic golf course is a more productive golf course, such thinking overlooks the maintenance improvements to these accessories and the new marketing opportunities they can unleash.

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