Time to Honor Old Glory and the Maple Leaf

Fireworks in Detroit

Growing up outside of Detroit, MI I always knew that Canada Day was very nearly the same date as Independence Day here in the United States. In fact, they are just 3 days apart. July 1 vs July 4th.

Why did I know about this as a kid growing up: fireworks, man! The two boarder cities of Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario would hold a joint celebration of “Freedom Fest” if my memory serves me correctly. There would be parades, clowns, face painting, beverages and of course ultimately the big show of fireworks over the Detroit River.

So here we come now this year and on Monday, June 24th the “Ford Fireworks Detroit” show will include fireworks along the Detroit River (I guess everything in Detroit is now associated with Ford). Multiple barges will float in the river and launch a plethora of fireworks toward the night’s sky.

PGA Tour Returns to Michigan

How do we circle this back to golf? Easily, the PGA Tour is making their first stop in Michigan since the Buick Open closed down after the 2009 event. Just a few days after the fireworks along the river, hopefully the Tour Pros will light up the fairways of the Detroit Golf Club for the Rocket Mortgage Classic, June 27 – 30th.

Will a tour stop in Michigan help to bring a Major golf event back to the State of Michigan? Jack Nickolas seems to think it may. The Golden Bear was at Oakland Hills CC this week to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Golf Association of Michigan. Listening to him speak, which is always a treat, he certainly thinks Oakland Hills will get another Major soon.

Free Golf Pin Flags

So in honor of Canada Day (July 1) and Independence Day (July 4) Standard Golf is offering a special where you can obtain Old Glory or The Maple Leaf (L’Unifolie for our French friends) for free!

With a purchase of 9 Hybrid Cups and 9 Red, White and Blue (or Red and White) Royaline Flagsticks, you’ll receive a set of 9 pin flags of either Old Glory (USA Flag) or The Maple Leaf (Canadian Flag).

To order the US set, use part #0704US and for the Canadian version, use part #0701CA (see what we did with the part numbers?).

Standard Golf’s hybrid cup was released in 2017 and is that, a hybrid between our plastic cup and aluminum up. We have an aluminum ST2000 cup over molded in plastic. This allows you to still hear “the ball on aluminum” sound and have the durability and easy to clean aspects of plastic.

Our Royaline Flagsticks are a straight 1/2″ (12.7 mm) diameter flagstick. These sticks come with the Smart Fit ferrule. New in 2019, our Royaline Flagsticks are “veil-wrapped” to help prevent splintering and color fading.