Topdressing Tools for the Cherry on Top

Those of us in the golf industry know how important it is to have healthy greens. The players know this as it helps them putt, and maybe have a better score. But those on the maintenance side know it much more than a pretty scoring surface. Often Superintendents are judged on the greens. Keep the greens in good shape and you’ve got a great opportunity to work from there and make a good course.

Standard Golf has a few tools that are great for your “cherry on top” in the topdressing game. As we described in our blog post in March 2019, “Coco Drag Mat for Topdressing Success“, it’s a great tool to help push the sand down below the surface to help eliminate thatch and promote a healthy green. In addition to the drag mat, we also have a drag brush. Below we’ll get into more details about how they both work.

Heck, even while you’re out top dressing it is possible you may run into a Rock and Roll Super Star!

Coco Fiber Drag Mat

The Coco Drag Mat is a great tool to evenly spread top dressing with a soft, smooth touch. The mat is made of tough, resilient fibers that are 1 1/4″ (3 cm) long and are bonded to a vinyl-reinforced backing. This backing is new in 2019 for Standard Golf and has been upgraded to a stronger, more durable material.

The mats come in two sizes (4′ x 6′ / 1.2 m x 1.8 m and 3′ x 5′ / .9 m x 1.5 m) for any job. The smaller mat is lightweight and can easily be lifted by one individual. The mats come assembled to the pull bar (2 1/4″ or 5.7 cm) and also come with an attached chain. The chain is 10′ (3 m) in length and can be adjusted to fit your vehicle (NOTE: you may need to adjust the length of the chain for your connection to avoid having the i-bolts drag along the green).

Drag Brush

Looking for an alternative Coco Drag Mat? Look no further than our Drag Brush. Not only is this drag brush less expensive to start, but you can also add pieces to increase the size and replacement brushes are available as well.

The Drag Brush comes with two 4 1/2′ (138 cm) long brushes that are assembled 26″ (66 cm) apart. You can add on to either side with an additional 2 1/4′ long (69 cm) brushes to bring your length to 6 3/4′ (2 m) or even larger 9′ (2.7 m) in length. An additional benefit to the drag brush is that you can replace individual brushes as they wear out.

MagnumTM Lute

Another tool that can be useful is our MagnumTM Lute. This is a great instrument to help top dress a small area or even to help clear aeration plugs from greens or tees. The reversible blade allows you to push or pull material. The 66″ (168 cm) long handle can be attached with two different head sizes: 24″ (62 cm) or 36″ (91 cm).

Whether you are looking to clean up after aerating or help to push sand into the green while topdressing, Standard Golf has the tools to help make your job easier.

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