Veil-wrapped Royaline Flagsticks

As with our Litter Mate trash containers, Standard Golf has been able to enhance the manufacturing process of yet another product, this time our Royaline Flagsticks.

Over time sometimes fiberglass flagsticks begin to chip, peel and their color can begin to fade. Over the years we have been working on improving this product to see if we can eliminate all of the above. And now we are happy to announce: we have!

Introducing the NEW Royaline Flagstick for 2019

All of our Royaline flagsticks now contain a veil-wrap that is added during the manufacturing process. Standard Golf is the only flagstick manufacturer that uses a protrusion manufacturing method to apply the veil wrap.

Check out the video below to see how the veil-wrap is added to the flagstick during the protrusion process.


Because of this process, we are able to then secure the veil-wrap by placing the ferrule and tip over the top of the wrap. This prevents the wrap from tearing at the top or bottom of the flagstick.

Benefits of new manufacturing process

1. No fiberglass splintering.

2. No color chipping. All of our solid color flagsticks (with the exception of the Orange and Pink) have their color added during the protrusion process. Thus if you do get a chip or cut in the stick, the color will maintain.

3. No color fading. The veil-wrap contains an automotive grade pigment to help prevent the color of the flagstick from fading.

4. In addition to improved functionality of the flagstick, we were also able to improve the cost – yes, added improvements at a lower cost to the superintendent! The all pink and all orange sticks did remain the same price.

Looking for more information on this great flagstick? We do have a downloadable one-piece sales sheet. You can also contact Standard Golf or your favorite Standard Golf distributor.