3, 2, 1 Launch: The New www.standardgolf.com

With a flip of a switch, and a lot of hard work, Standard Golf has released a new website. Our updated website moves Standard Golf into the current digital medium with a bang. A modern design with full responsive capabilities means that any device (mobile, desktop, laptop, etc) can now view the updated website.

Existing Standard Golf distributors can log into the page using their existing user name and password by following the “sign in” link on the top right of the page. End users can sign up and choose their Standard Golf Distributor so they too can order on-line and ensure their distributor of choice receives credit for the sale.

Director of Marketing Matt Pauli, “The main purpose of our new site is to deliver our products in a medium that today’s internet user can best surf. Larger images, mobile responsiveness, product videos and general Standard Golf news is now easier for our customers to obtain.”

Make sure to take a look at our News Feed as well as peak over at our video page as well to learn and see all of the new happenings at Standard Golf.

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