Boundary Flags – New from Standard Golf

Since mid-March Standard Golf has been keeping a keen eye to the changing golf and global environment. We have quickly been able to come out with several new products to help golf courses open with “No Touch Golf.” While we were exploring new products and quickly coming to market we found a few loose ends laying around that we have been able to combine into yet another interesting new product.

Part Hazard Marker, Part Force Flex, Part Flag

Six years ago we introduced the All-Flex Hazard Markers. The beauty of this product is that you can install in the middle of your fairway and drive over them. They would then pop back up. Each of these markers had a long solid black core, and then a colored “shield” would be put on top to give color and differentiation to the marker. As with all of our products, we continued to tweak and improve and eventually re-branded the product the Force Flex. The Force Flex is now one piece with a solid core that is molded in the color you wish to have for the hazard marker.

So what do we do with the old “All-Flex” solid core we have laying around? As it turns out, we can easily fit our practice green top to each core so that they can receive a flag. So now, you can use the All-Flex core, add a solid colored practice green flag, and have a great Boundary Flag / Marker.

Here’s our original 2014 intro video for the “All-Flex”.

The Rise of the Boundary Flag

Now we have a new product or an improved product that uses existing parts and material we have here at Standard Golf. Dress up your boundary areas with flags that can be driven over and will pop back up.

Our Boundary Flag can accept any large-tube practice green flag and like our Force Flex, the best way to install is with the anchor. However, to sweeten the pot of these new products, each Boundary Flag will come with an anchor.

boundary flags

Just like the All-Flex, simply install the anchor so that it is 1 and 1/4 inch below the surface of the turf. This will allow the Boundary Flags to bend down when driven over and then pop back up. Also, it is easy to remove the flag out of the anchor if you do wish to mow over the top as well.

Innovation is not always brand new from scratch products. Often it is finding ways to improve existing products or to use extra parts or combined extra parts into a new product.