National Golf Day – Today we celebrate a great game

Celebrating the Greatest Game on Golf Day

 As you know, golf is a social, challenging, and exciting sport for all involved. In honor of National Golf Day, Standard Golf celebrates the game that has touched so many lives, connected people, and brought beautiful courses into the world. Here are some of the many reasons that people love golf!

It is a Thrilling Challenge 

Many outsiders think golf is a snooze-worthy sport, but those who have played know that it’s anything but boring. Golfers have to calculate each stroke with precision. Everything from a gust of wind to a slight turn in the should matters. Because so many factors can change the game, it remains a constant challenge – even for the pros. Best of all, you can visit a new course anytime you need an extra thrill.

Golf Gets People Outside

It seems like people spend too much time looking at tiny screens and not enough time enjoying their surroundings. A round of golf is the perfect excuse to breathe some fresh air, feel the sun on your face, and get some green in your life. Being outdoors is a natural antidepressant, so the green can even help fight off the blues.

Golf courses are major contributors to America’s green space. In fact, these courses account for 2 million acres of land in the country, 91 percent of which is green space. By preserving the outdoors for all to enjoy, golf courses are a great way for people to enjoy nature.

It is Great Exercise

While plenty of skeptics may roll their eyes at this one, golf enthusiasts know that this game is a real sport. Playing a round of golf helps a player with strength training and balance.

Players who use a cart sparingly also benefit from walking a lot. An 18-hole round of golf can have players walking over five miles, which burns over 2,000 calories. Best of all, a round of golf is a lot more fun than spending time of the treadmill or elliptical.

Of course, fitness isn’t just for the body. Golf is a great exercise of the mind. Requiring concentration and calm, golf is great for your brain too.

It Brings People Together

Unlike other sports, golf is an inherently social game. There’s a reason people take business associates to the golf club and not a basketball court. Golf gives players plenty of time to be both social and competitive.

There’s a perception that golf only brings wealthy people together, but that’s simply a myth. Almost 77 percent of people who play golf do so on a public course. With an average cost under $40, it’s truly a game for all.

Golf Gives Back

Every year, the game of golf helps raise millions of dollars for worthy charities to help people in need. The PGA Tour alone raised $180 million for charity in 2017, bringing the tour’s total to $2.65 billion.

Additionally, golf courses around the country host a variety of charity events every year. In total, golfers raise over $4 billion for non-profit giving every single year. The players benefit from the game itself, while communities in need are allowed to thrive.

It’s Good Old-Fashioned Fun

In an overstimulating world, golf allows players to get back to basics and enjoy what really matters. While it’s important that golf is challenging, outdoors, great exercise, and a social activity, perhaps the game’s biggest draw is that it’s just-plain fun.

Celebrate Your Sport

On National Golf Day and every day, Standard Golf invites players and golf course superintendents to celebrate the sport they love. Be sure to check out all of Standard Golf’s products, share these top reasons to love golf, and let the world know why you come back to the green time and time again.