New for 2019: The Putt-Saver, two-piece Tournament Flagstick

We’ve heard all of the news about the new rules of golf for 2019 and how the main goal of the USGA and R&A is to speed up play. Not only is speed of play important, but so is budget. We put our heads together at Standard Golf and have created a new flagstick that helps with both: The Putt-Saver, two-piece Tournament Flagstick.

Not only did we make the flagstick narrower on the bottom (3/8″ vs 1/2″) but the flagstick also comes in 2-pieces. This will help reduce shipping costs for any course and superintendent that is looking to save a few dollars.


One of the first and more vocal proponents of leaving the flagstick in the cup is Bryson DeChambeau.

“It depends on the COR — the coefficient of restitution of the flagstick,” DeChambeau said. “In U.S. Opens, I’ll take it out. And every other tour event, when it’s fiberglass, I’ll leave it in and bounce against the flagstick if I need to.”

Bryson DeChambeau, via

What does this actually mean: Coefficient of Restitution? This is a golf term, but used mainly with new drivers and clubs to measure how quickly (think of a “super ball”) an object repeals off another. In simpler terms…

Will our new Putt-Saver, two-piece tournament flagstick help you to make more putts? The jury is out, but as Tiger Woods mentioned before the Farmer’s Insurance Tournament at Torrey Pines there certainly be more opportunities to use the new rule.

“I’ve been experimenting trying to hit putts downhill at home and see how that feels, and I didn’t find that I hit better putts. It just felt like I could hit it more aggressively, which I did. Then I started running it 8 or 9 feet by. It might be more advantageous when we get on faster greens, a little bit more slope, i.e. Augusta. Where you have that sense of security on a 3-footer, a 4-footer down the hill, you can just take a cut at it.”

Tiger Woods, via

To learn more about our new Putt-Saver, Two-piece Tournament Flagstick check out this page with a downloadable fact sheet. You can also contact Standard Golf or your favorite distributor.