Receiving freight from Standard Golf

When receiving freight from Standard Golf it is very important to inspect the freight before the driver leaves. If not, when signing the Bill of Lading please make sure to indicate that you will inspect later, and indicate why you could not at the time of delivery.

For assistance with receiving your freight, check out these two videos

·       Is the shrink wrap in perfect condition, with no rips?

·       Are the stickers on the outside of the wrap? Make sure the bright stickers, as well as our label identifying the order number, are on the outside.

·       Will the driver wait? If anything seems abnormal, if the boxes are dented, or it looks odd, tell the driver to wait so you can inspect. If the driver won’t wait, make sure to sign the delivery slip with a reason why the freight is not inspected, “Driver will not wait, will inspect freight when time allows.”

·       Is the skid flat? Sometimes you might get a skid that’s not flat. If it’s tilted or bent, you have to write down “potential damage, will inspect later” on the delivery receipt.

Tips for taking delivery of potentially hazardous freight, such as paint.

·       Check for a hazardous sticker on all sides of the package. Make sure that sticker is on the outside of the shrink wrap.

·       Inspect hazardous material right away. The driver should wait while you make sure it’s in pristine shape.

·       If any part of the shipment is damaged, if the shrink wrap is ripped, if you see any boxes that might be torn, refuse the whole shipment.

When receiving freight form Standard Golf, please follow these steps to properly indicate on the carrier’s receipt how the cargo was received. It is very important to check the freight as soon as it arrives. If it’s not possible to do so, make sure to indicate on the carrier’s receipt when and why freight not yet inspected.

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