Repair ball marks with Standard Golf’s Greenskeeper

Ball marks on the green are an unavoidable part of the game of golf. Repairing these unsightly marks is essential to maintaining true greens free of impressions and bumps which affect the way a ball rolls. It’s also good etiquette. That’s why Standard Golf created the Greenskeeper Ball Mark Repair Tool for golf course superintendents. This time-saving tool meticulously lifts dirt and grass into place, instantly eliminating ball marks on the green.

The ball marks found on greens are caused by the impact of the golf ball onto the ground. As the ball hits the green, it leaves a crater-shaped depression in the grass. And as every golfer knows, dips, bumps, or imperfections on the green can greatly affect the putting game.

Golfers should fix their own ball marks, as well as those of others, so long as they’re not impeding play. It is a simple repair that typically takes fifteen seconds or so, and it is proper etiquette that should be understood by all golfers. Let’s take a quick look at the repair process.

The golfer should push a ball mark/divot repair tool into the ground on the outside edge of the divot at about a 45-degree angle. The player then lifts the tool as if he or she was trying to pry the divot open, making sure not to twist the tool or pull up grass. This process is then repeated around the entire edge of the divot, gradually working toward the center. In this way, the grass is moved toward the middle, creating a bump that fills the depression. Finally, the golfer should flatten the bump by gently stepping on it, making the surface even with the rest of the green. The repaired area is now level and should not affect putting.

Fixing a ball mark is easy and only takes a few seconds to complete. If everyone did so, greens would look and play much better. When golfers don’t repair their divots, however, it is up to golf course superintendents to take care of it. The Greenskeeper Ball Mark Repair Tool instantly eliminates ball marks on the green. The 36-inch handle makes repairs fast and easy, saving professionals both time and labor. The Greenskeeper Ball Mark Repair Tool meticulously lifts dirt/grass into place in one motion, quickly creating a flawless repair on the green.

At Standard Golf, we know dips, obstructions, or imperfections on the green can greatly affect putting. Our Greenskeeper Ball Mark Repair Tool allows course superintendents to make short work of divot repair so players can get back to perfecting their short game.

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