SpraySmart wins paint-off

Standard Golf is the exclusive distributor of SpraySmart Marking Paint

SparySmart is the only marking paint that is propellant free (no chlorofluorocarbon or CFC). The reusable device operates on air compression to constantly paint a smooth, steady stream of marking paint.

SpraySmart Outlasts Competition

Recently Standard Golf put SpraySmart to the challenge. We did a side-by-side “paint off” to see how far we could paint with SpraySmart and a leading brand. You have to see the below video for the results. But to say SpraySmart outlasted the competition, might be an understatement.

SpraySmart can help the environment

Not only does a 10.5 oz pouch of SpraySmart paint further than a 12 oz can, but when it is empty the space it takes up in the trash is much less. You see, when an aerosol can is empty, the volume of the can does not change – it’s still the same size. But when a SpraySmart pouch is empty (think of your tube of toothpaste) the physical footprint is much less. When you use SpraySmart not only are you using less paint to go further (saving you money), but you are not exposing the atmosphere to CFCs and you’re taking up less waste at the landfill (both environmental positives).

Where to buy SpraySmart Marking Paint

The question we thought you would never ask. You can buy your SpraySmart marking paint for your favorite Standard Golf distributor or on-line through this link (and you can still give credit to your distributor).

As always if you have any questions about SpraySmart or any other Standard Golf product please fee free to reach out to us, or of course leave a comment below.