Standard Golf Offers New Products for 2018

The game of golf has a long and fascinating history. Each year, players build on this long legacy to improve their own games and deepen their appreciation of the world’s best past time. Standard Golf is right there with them, refining its respected line of golf accessories each year to better serve the best courses in the world and the players who love them.

As we move into the new year, Standard Golf would like to take a moment to introduce some of our new products for 2018!

Dome Resin Tee Marker Decal

This decal will fit on three Standard Golf products, the dimple tee marker, the wedge tee marker, and the cast aluminum practice green marker. These decals are perfect to personalize an event or tournament, brand a club with your course logo, or create the opportunity to add an image of your course’s signature hole or clubhouse. All images are covered with a crystal-clear resin dome using automotive grade resin to protect it from the elements and give a 3D look.

These are a perfect way to dress up your golf course!

The Jr. Seed & Soil Butler

This durable polyethylene container with hinged lid and scoop sits on 3-legs. For 2018, we’ve added a UV resistant material and eliminated the wire frame. This allows the accessory to be sturdier and more durable. The Junior Seed & Soil Butler is perfect for the driving range or the tee box of a par 3 —anywhere players may need extra seed and soil as they take divots.

Quad Soil Caddy: The Perfect Addition to Your Tee Box

The Quad Soil Caddy is a great addition to your tee box on a par 3 or diving range. An 18-inch-tall post is attached to two six-inch spikes that can be easily stepped on to push down into the ground. On top, there are four caddies. Each bottle is 40 ounces—perfect for filling divots with your seed and soil mix and easy for the golfer to use. Four contoured bottles keep the mixture dry, while the steel powder-coated holder provides durability.

With over a century as a respected manufacturer, Standard Golf has built up a reputation for quality products and quality people. With distributors world-wide we’ve supplied golf courses in countries all over the world, and have been the supplier of choice for many professional tournaments.

We have created two new product fliers as well with further information. Check out our 4-page 2018 New Product Brochure.

To learn more, and see the products we currently offer, visit!