Two new hybrids for your golf course

Every golf course faces issues of environmental and economic sustainability. Dealing with water and wildlife issues and the cost of maintenance are constant challenges. While working to keep the course looking perfect, to navigate environmental regulations, and to keep membership up, wouldn’t it be nice to be a little less concerned with equipment problems?

Sensitive to the need for sustainability, Standard Golf has introduced two new products to help your operation conserve precious financial resources for other needs. These two products work together to extend their combined lifetimes, thus reducing the need for early replacement. The Hybrid ST2000 Cup is made from a plastic-aluminum hybrid which is designed to increase longevity and durability. And, the Smart Fit Pro Ferrule now has a supertough nylon tip to reduce “clanging” and wear and tear. Both the Hybrid Cup and the Smart Fit Pro Ferrule use an “over molding” technique to apply the plastic to the aluminum base of the cup and supertough nylon to the ferrule, thus ensuring the integrity of both products.

“The Hybrid ST2000 Cup is a combination of two materials,” explains Matt Pauli of Standard Golf. “The bottom of the cup is aluminum, and the sides are plastic. The reasoning is that we wanted the cup to be as strong as possible and keep the traditional sound of a ball hitting the bottom of the cup. But the plastic sides are easier to clean—just wipe with a damp towel—and they are more resistant to the harsh chemicals applied to greens as well as chipping when flagsticks are placed in the cup. Thus, there is less risk to rust and failure with these new cups.”

Speaking of flagsticks, the Smart Fit Pro Ferrule adds a supertough nylon tip to the bottom of Standard Golf’s standard ferrules, creating a new standard on all flagsticks that reduces wear and tear on the cups and ferrules.

“We chose the supertough nylon material for the new ferrule,” adds Terry Schoppe Standard Golf’s Engineer. “A defining characteristic of this material is superior resistance to repeated impact loads – the constant placing of the flagstick inside a cup.”

No more metal on metal or metal on plastic, thus increasing the longevity of the cups as well as the ferrule. And course managers will be happy to learn that the improved Smart Fit Pro Ferrule, though longer-lasting, is the same price as before.

Using these two products together increases the lifetime of each item, making life easier for the Golf Course Superintendent who is responsible for the overall condition of the course as well as the General Manager who is responsible for club appearance, costs, and member satisfaction. And as any golfer knows, there is no sound more satisfying than that of a golf ball hitting the aluminum bottom of the cup.

By lasting longer and being easier to use and clean, the Hybrid ST2000 Cup and the Smart Fit Pro Ferrule help golf courses operate more sustainably. To learn more about the Hybrid ST2000 Cup and the Smart Fit Pro Ferrule, visit today!