GIS 2018 Highlights

The Chief Bunker Rake made the World Premiere at GIS on Wednesday, February 7th, and was welcomed with enthusiastic open arms! Here at Standard Golf, we feel privileged to participate in this vital event in the golf world.

The Chief impressed everyone with its smooth, consistent finish made possible by its two sides: one smooth and one ridged. Our newest bunker rake was developed through collaborative efforts, and we look forward to continuing these relationships in product development. Speaking of collaboration, it was great to see all our distributors and many superintendents at the event. We need them as much as they need us, and GIS is made even better by the chance to network with them in person.


Other highlights of the event included the unveiling of our Club Flag. Now courses can get a full dye-sublimated flag to fly on their main flag pole to match the on-course flags or any design they wish. The flags are available in two sizes: 3’x5′ and 4′ x 6′. Continuing with the personalization and customization theme, our Dome Resin Tee Marker Decals were also a big hit. Tee boxes can be customized for the club or special events.

The Hybrid Cup (release 2017) again was seen by many more superintendents. The cup made a big splash in 2017 and maintains strong name recognition. Those who have heard about but not seen the cup were blown away by the chance to come by and hold the cup in their hands and imagine how it could work on their courses.

And, it wouldn’t have been a true golf experience without swinging the club and hitting a few shots. The Standard Golf team enjoyed some good bonding and “down time” at Top Golf San Antonio, as well.


To learn more about Standard Golf and its innovative products, visit our website today. Hope to see you next year in San Diego for GIS 2019!