Individual Bunker Rakes

Recently I had some friends ask me what they could do to help maintain their golf course while they play. It was an interesting question, as I would think most anyone that is involved in our game or has a GHIN handicap would know the basics: replace divots, repair ball marks, rake the bunker, etc.

In our current state of golf, if a course is able to be open for play, they are removing all high-touch accessories such as bunker rakes. Thus how does a golfer (and the golf course by default) maintain playable conditions throughout the day? It clearly isn’t possible for the Superintendent and their maintenance team to rake each bunker every hour or so.

The Individual Bunker Rake

It is of no shock for our customers and golf industry pros to know that Standard Golf manufacturers six different bunker rake heads and multiple handles. From our most popular: Tour Pro, innovative: The Chief, and inexpensive: Tour Lite, we have a bunker rake for all shapes and sizes of bunkers and budgets.

To help maintain bunkers, and to keep people safe and healthy, why not offer rakes to the players themselves? Golfers already carry their own clubs, towels and other tools, so why not a bunker rake?

That’s what I thought. So I went out to the course the other day and took our “Cart Rake” with me. This is a lightweight rake head (15″ long) with a 48″ long wood handle. The handle screws into the head and is easy to take off to store in your bag or after golf.

Ultimate Win / Win

For those courses that are open no doubt their dining room and bar have been hit hard with loss of income. I’m sure too, like our home course, many pro shops are closed to retail business. Here is a great way to add a few dollars of revenue to the course while also helping maintain the course.

Our Cart Rake is offered in a box of 12. Why not pre-sell to your membership and then sell individually to members? Or, perhaps bring in a box or 2 and like pushcarts or carts, clean and wipe down after each use.

Of course, no need to buy new rakes – you can easily put existing rakes on a push cart or golf cart. Ask the players to help maintain the bunkers while they play. I’m sure it will take one bad lie in a foot-print for others to realize bringing their individual bunker rake is a good idea.

For other great ideas on how to make your course playable and safe during this time, check out last week’s blog on Protect Yourself, Protect your Course.